Monday, 15 November 2010

Heart Break! ♥ my new poem, can be read two ways! read to find out how! :) ♥

Heart Break! 

You cut me up
like a knife to my heart,
Watched as I bled

You snapped my bones 
Un till my final breath,
Left me scarred,

You made me fall
50 feet under ground,
I’m torn up inside

No love no trust
It all turned to dust,
My heart is Charred.

A salt filled wound 
Like having your name tattooed  to,
The walls of my heart

Find it hard to breath
But my pulse beats so fast, I
no longer stand strong,

My body a house
The walls set fire,
They slowly fall apart

Stabbed through the chest
one hundred times
Do you know you’ve done wrong?

The worst pains in the world
Are those of the heart
You can hide the tears
But Heart break hurts,
                    Do you know?

After you have read this poem re read it but just read the last line of each! its another piece :) ♥ 

Hope you like! :)
Love Kayleigh! :) ♥ xx