Sunday, 19 December 2010

Fate Is An Angel ♥

This poem is one you may have to think about, it does have a few deep messages about life behind it :) talk to me if you want any of it explained:) Its different to how I usually write my poetry, sorry for how long it is! hahaaa :D I hope you like this ♥!

Fate Is An Angel!
Positioned up on a hill,
The quiet wind, swiftly slides past the jet black skies,
without leaving a thought in any persons mind.
A silent ring,
As the sun hides behind the horizon,
And the skies are eternal.
I breath in fresh air, with no lingering scent, just a tranquil feeling.
Breath taking diamonds, shine,
Against the pitch black skies above,
And these tiny white kisses fall from heaven,
With love.
Stars burn out, without a sound,
But the one upon I wished, now carries my biggest dreams.
They’re our gateways to heaven,
And teeny angels watch over this smaller world.
Moonlight lays gently over the ground,
Shines light upon my path, to help me find my way,
Nebulae dust to brighten up the blackest of skies,
Expressing every emotion, just through its stunning colours
Showing there’s an even balance
of good and bad.
Every action has its opposite effects,
Shown through the bright stars in the contrasting sky,
Saturn shows, its unfaithful rings,
Then the distant bang of meteor collisions, silence- from earth.
Milky way like a sprinkling of fairy dust,
Beauty like a new blooming rose,
A rose, so small, delicate and detailed, its magic must be designed.
Compared to the galaxy, so small we do seem,
And along side our dreams, we wish for something big,
But still so diminutive.
Life doesn’t put you here for no reason,
Fate thou may ask?
Its our identifiable beliefs, our answers held by our angel.
The air still tastes pure with a touch of light magic,
Theses seconds which touch our hearts,
May just be guided,
By the stars,
Our angels.

Lots of love,