Saturday, 5 February 2011

Waves of my life♥

Anchored to the sea floor,
trying to stay stable,
the worries sharp teeth,
so strong, so capable.
Can't fight the current,
of tears which do flow,
cant get rid of the waves,
further under I go.
Submarines drown deep,
I show no apathy, 
as the dark open waters,
encapsulate me.
Lost in the storm,
no air to breath,
seas are eternal,
how do I leave?
Pools for eyes,
wood drifts ashore,
but me i splash, suffer,
can't face it any more!
Can't fight back,
up and then down,
waves of my life,
once your under, you drown! 

hope you enjoyed this! let me know what you think! :D thanks! ♥ 
Kayleigh♥ xxxxx