Sunday, 6 March 2011

Carried by faith! ♥

Just another poem! :) Its not brilliant, wrote it quickly! but was inspired by someone very close to me, so thought I would post it!! with love
Carried By Faith! 
Each second which passes, A day passes by, 
I don’t leave the window, I watch the birds fly. 
They live with no care, reach for their dreams,
Every small step is bigger than it seems. 
Their wings help them fly, fly or fall. 
But who stands by them, through it all? 
Don’t let fear tear straight through your heart,
Bravery, loyalty, shine from the start!

Don’t jump to far, when you know you will fall, 
Don’t take a number, and then never call! 
A stride to victory, the courage to leap, 
Carried by faith, trust and belief.
Don’t forget what’s real, what matters in life,
Don’t live with regrets, it cuts like a knife. 

I wish I was a bird, I could fly away, 
To freedom, to knowledge, A new place each day.
Dreams can crush us, break us apart, 
But they get us up, and mend our non trusting hearts. 
Loveeee Kayy 
My thought to leave you with-
Dreams are what get us up every day, what keep us going when times get hard. But belief in ourselves and in others, is the key, behind all success! <3 -me :)