Sunday, 27 March 2011


Another poem I wrote recently and thought I would post! ♥ Enjoy! :) ♥

I remember the days, the bows in my hair, fairies and castles, no judgement, no care,

"makeup whats that?", no plane needed to fly, mythical creatures, Imagination was high, 
best friends, no secrets, park swing sliiiiddee, when you skipped to school, they seek as you'd hide,
hopscotch you fell, just another bruised knee, could run forever, not hurt, couldn't be,
vulnerable to the world, maths is times two, still trust what you hear, can create dream and do,
any place was a den, the playground was heaven, pirates and pixie dust, still yet to turn seven,
art is splatter paint, excitement on sports day, you are who you are, and forever that way,

now I walk her to school, she creates with trust blind, to what she will feel, what she will find,
memories on her back, as I clip in her bow, kisses me back, still smiling, as I watch, watch her go. 

Lots of love,

“The childhood shows the man, as morning shows the day”