Thursday, 28 April 2011

My First Sonnet :) ♥ 'My Romeo' ♥

Not sure if I like it, but I tried:D this is my first ever sonnet, It sounds quite old fashioned.. ah well, hope you enjoy!:) 

My Romeo 
My heart’s your heart, the beauty of our love,
Reality is better than a dream,
Baby, my angel sent from up above,
your heart warming smile, makes the stars gleam,
Life’s black and white yet true colours I seek,
In those beautiful eyes, oh Romeo, 
a dream comes true with each word you do speak,
and each second with you, my love does grow.
Your shining halo, face of an angel,
which warms me inside plus lights up a room.
The depth of our love, unfathomable,
found beauty in mistakes, kiss closer, groom.
   cant define love or perfection, yet you,
   nobody compares to you, Romeo. 

Lots of Love, Kayleigh 

"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities." -Janos Arnay