Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Believe in your own beauty! ♥

It seems like a long time since I have had the chance to post my work on here for my supporters, my 'beautiful inspiration', I want to thank you all as my blog has now had over 5800 world wide views! I wrote this poem a while ago but still feel like my encouraging readers should be able to read it!:) ♥ enjoy and keep smiling! 

Believe in your own beauty
She faces glamour
With each reflection glance
Glitzy nouvelle dress
For that one extra chance 
Only to impress
The one she wants most.

Her striking beauty
Strengthened cheek bones 
Dark sapphire eyes
Lined precious stones
Is it even possible
That you are blind to her? 

She turns every head 
Quicker than Monroe
Blind to her beauty
What do you know?
Why do you refuse
To notice her existence?

You are her only
You could never want another
And are beyond in love
With every feature upon her face
Why don’t you see?
Believe in your own beauty. ♥

With love, Kayleigh Jane