Friday, 6 July 2012

The Possible♥

It seems like a while since I have posted, here's one I wrote today :) 
Just to say- I do not believe all of the below are correct and none are true, this poem is written from a persona, they refer to previous people in history.   Enjoy

The Possible

My feet were the first to step on the moon; first to cross the line at the Olympics final.
I was first to sail the sea and explore the world. I was nailed to a cross to save all of mankind.
I’ve watched those I love die of the plague. I’ve been involved in many terrorist attacks.
I’ve stood up for my race and my gender; I believed and I had a dream.
I fought back to world slavery.  I made it possible for human beings to fly.
I singularly led a world war killing 6 million; I have a world-wide selling film.

We think small things are incapable, in day to day life,
Each step is possible; if you believe you can do anything.

Love Kayleigh Jane,

Nothing is impossible :)