Thursday, 4 October 2012

Life's A Gift

A poem as it is national poetry day! It is kind of a sonnet but using heroic couplets :D it was a bit of an experiment, enjoy!

Life's A Gift! 

I am standing here in the warm spring breeze
Which softly blows the dandelion’s seeds.
They float up to the heavens, through the air,
To find their destiny without a care.
Yellow daffodils bring sun to the earth
A sprinkle of seeds, a flower gives birth.
Worried if it’s grown to its potential,
Making each second count is essential.
Before our short era comes to an end
Reach the heights, live each second that you spend.
The flowers wilt but they are still alive,
If you leave your mark you’ll always survive.
Whether the life’s for flower or for man,
Life’s a gift, live it as full as you can.

Love Kayleigh Jane xx