Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Life's Blank Canvas.

Here is a poem I wrote a while ago, I hope you enjoy it!.. How do you paint your picture? :)

Life's Blank Canvas.

Every person is a colour on life’s blank canvas,
painting the bigger picture.

Some colours are essential, their exceptional beauty
pleases the eye and brings life to your canvas,
perfecting the bigger picture.

A few aren’t as agreeable, or they are misleading,
the striking paint portrays a deceiving colour label,
ruining the bigger picture.

Often on the outside, those that look the worst
contain the most pleasing inner surprise,
adding a splatter of beauty.

We refuse to waste our favourite colours,
we squeeze out every drop possible,
yet some run out over time.

We use thick brush strokes for the main elements,
yet the small details are not so insignificant
they complete the bigger picture.

Every now and then, someone comes across a very special colour;
where the tube never runs out,
but only a few hold on to that.

It all depends, in the very end,
On how we decide to paint our picture.

Kayleigh Jane xox

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