Friday, 4 April 2014

The Son

Welcome! Sorry it's been a while. I aim to write lots for you in the near future :)

I wrote this poem on my journey through discovering different scientific (and astrological) ideas and religions. I admit I have no solid religious belief, this was the reason for such process, as I love there to be an element of mystery in life, I am still young! I completely accept everyones beliefs and I DO NOT intend to offend anyone with my writing. Advance apologies if I do. This poem represents the process I'm going through, which I wanted to bring you all along on, and I hope you understand that. I am not saying this is what I believe, I was experimenting with other people's ideas!

I hope you enjoy this, all feedback and comments welcome!

The Son

A wise man sits upon the earth;
watching the stars,
talking to the son.

The Holy one.

He lights the ocean
As he walks across.
No myth. Don't dismiss
that the son lights the world.

A season changes
Welcoming newborn twins.
The son arises to meet them.
Alongside the kings, shining
bright, like stars. Following
the son.

Twelve months pass
his disciples revolve around him,
the son.

But the virgin child meets a cross
as Horus.
But rises again, and
lives amongst men.

He sees you now, from
beyond the clouds,
from heaven
does the son.

Thank you for reading.
With love,
Kayleigh Jane x

"I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of life." - Bible. John 8:12

Many people believe there is something bigger than us. A force greater than us, a powerful existence, beyond measure. An invisible force that lives within us. People can passionately believe in something else, but not so much in themselves. Maybe God, is you. A power in yourself, you can feel it but don't recognise as your own? We are scared to have power beyond our control.
Whether the Almighty exists, or not, faith gives us hope and something to live for, and that itself is beautiful.