Sunday, 4 May 2014

A Grain on the Ocean Floor ♥

I have recently become interested in response poetry and writing in relation to other poetry. I decided to write a poem in relation to one of my favourite poems by Edgar Allan Poe called 'A Dream Within a Dream'. If you don't know it my poem does stand alone, but if you do I'm sure you'll recognise the rhyme pattern, ideas and structure.
Hope you enjoy! All opinions and feedback welcome!

A Grain on the Ocean Floor.

Do not hold onto my hand
it’ll turn to dust and I’ll stand
alone, upon golden sand.
Hush! My lady, cry no more
as I cannot be sure
that each thought which unspoken
is never truly woken.
Not existing, nor alive
only with you shall survive.
Every life is no more
than a grain on the ocean floor.

I stand and I cry
as I watch my footprint try
to live, but I ask what for
as the waves hit the shore.
All that we acquire
is lost as we expire,
however much we do desire.
Is each loveless task a waste?
A memory too soon misplaced?
I cry into the sea;
a belonging part of me.
Am I no more
Than a grain on the ocean floor?

Thank you for reading.
Kayleigh Jane x

'Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream?' - Edgar Allan Poe.