Tuesday, 2 June 2015


I was asked to write about my first experience at something, so I imagined a child discovering snow for the first ever time. 

I awake early; it is cold outside of my duvet. I draw back my bedroom curtains, I can’t see through my window, it is covered in ice, it is frozen, cold. I can faintly see what I assume to be snow settling on the distant hills, as my warm breath and the circular motion of my pyjama sleeve react with the frozen condensation that iced over the window.  I peer through the circle I made.
The trees shimmer; they are covered with settled snow. The world outside of my window was different to how it had ever been before; it was quiet, it was cold, it was pure white.
I decided to explore! I dressed quickly and stepped outside my front door.
Despite my many thick layers of clothing, the cold icy breeze suddenly travelled up my sleeves around my torso and flew back out in to the frozen air, leaving goose bumps upon my neck. I tightened my scarf. The silent wind swiftly slides by as I hear the sound of other children laughing and playing far away.  I wish to join them. I catch snowflakes in my gloves; they're all small and beautiful.  I tilt back my head and let snow fall on to my tongue, it is so cold, and my tongue turns numb.
I pick up handfuls of the cold white substance, I wonder what snow is. I’m so excited with my discovery that I roll around delighted, letting my limbs freeze. Snow enters my boots. I can no longer feel my toes.