Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Identity of a Stranger

I was set a task at university, to choose someone we walk past every day and put ourselves in their shoes, I chose an old homeless man who I used to see every day, and though I take the same route I don't see him any more, every time I walk by where he used to sit I hope this is a good sign. 

Identity of a Stranger
The floor is cold through my worn out trousers, but at least it’s not damp today. It’s probably about mid-afternoon, I don’t keep the time. But I do know it’s that time of day again, where masses of students walk past, in their designer shoes. The government practically hands them money to get drunk on. But they manage to ignore my call. 
“Spare change?”
Rich bastards. Spending thousands a year to educate themselves, this street would teach me more than those damn textbooks. I’d do anything for that sort of money. They’re selfish, just like everyone in this god-damn world. They don’t understand. Nobody understands. But they don’t have these worries. I’m too old for this now. Too old to not know where my next meal comes from. To be unsure where I’ll sleep the next time it rains. They even take their beds for granted. But I guess to them I’m just a stranger.
A young male stops before me as he goes to pass by, he has hair similar to mine, when I was his age. And I envy his clean shaven face, but at least mine’s warm. He hands me a steaming coffee, it greets my nostrils with a strong scent. I’m grateful enough to thank him, to wish him a good day, even to force a smile. But in no time I’ll be back where I was before.
When I was his age, I’d have laughed in the face of who I am now, I would have said it was all the tramps fault. Tramp. It’s such a horrid term. I sip my coffee; it burns my tongue, giving me back some feeling, and it tastes better than anything before, because it’s a luxury.
I watch as the world around me, the society I exist in, slowly deteriorates before my eyes. And I fear, that my life will end too soon, that I’ll die not knowing what that prince named his child, or who won the premier league, or if that new singer won a BRIT award. I do wonder. Because these are the important things in life, obviously.