Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Lights Out

I was given the topic of transgression, this is a story of a girl living a dull life and finally experiencing something different. 

‘Lights Out’

The year I finally left the orphanage was when I received a scholarship for boarding school.  It was only the first night, and the walls of my room were the same shade of cream as the last, a continuous colour free life. It was two hours after the ‘lights out’ call, my fire was still alight, and I watched shades of orange and yellow dance upon the wall. I realised, whilst watching the flames flicker in the open fire place, that the fire was the closest to life I knew, I didn’t belong there anymore than the last place.
 There was a slight knock on my door; I froze, thinking that if I kept quiet they’d think I was asleep.
“I can see the fire under the door” a young voice whispered quietly through the keyhole. I slowly opened the door. Three girls stood in the corridor with unlit candles. “Can we light these?” they smiled at me and walked in before I could answer.  “There is a party in the park, for the people who can manage to sneak out” they laughed. I was passed a candle, and for some reason, I took it without question. I wanted to get out of there; I wanted to experience more life than the fire.
Before I know it, we were carefully placing our feet to prevent sound. Crawling cautiously under the cameras and motion sensors. We ran down two flights of stairs and found an open window on the ground floor, our route to escape!
As we pulled the final girl through the window I started to feel guilt, fright, nerves. We ran across the courtyard towards the park, and as we nearly reached the gate the outside light came on. We had made it this far, but we were about to be caught. A girl pulled my hand and led me to a corner where we could hide.  
We sat quietly, in the cold; my heart was beating faster than ever. We blew out the candles so they couldn’t find us. Lights out.